Hihihi! You made it! Yay!

         But there’s nothing to see. 😅  I doubt you made it here by accident but at the very least I can introduce myself. My name is Antonio Mondragón-Becker and I am originally from Mexico City. English might as well be my first language and I’m currently the associate creative director at Upperquad(1) in San Francisco. Before that I was in New York City and before that I was in Texas, and before that I was in Mexico.

        I’ve worked on some neat stuff recently like the Jigsaw brand(2) and their issues of The Current(3)(4), Crumbskees(5)(which was unexpectedly well received), HQ Trivia, Patagonia, and some other things for brands like Facebook, Huawei, Pepsi, Google, and Verizon. This one time I made a brand for a company that I’m pretty sure was just a bitcoin scam. I also helped brand a restaurant that will hopefully see the light of day sometime nope they took it into their own hands. RIP in peace. 😭

       While in New York I inherited Makers Club(6) (RIP for now) from Ben Barry(7) and organized that alongside John Custer(8) (who is also in TX now, weird) and that was really fun. I want to design a book or brand a bar so hit me up if you’re looking for that. I also write a lot (like annoyingly so not as in “I’m a writer”, I just literally write a lot of words, it’s like the equivalent of talking too much on the internet). Sorry. Anyways...

Email me if you wanna chat.

Antonio 😘